Saturday, April 4, 2009

ALBERT KING, "Dont Throw Your Love on Me So Strong"

"King of the Blues"

Albert King began his professional career playing guitar for a band called 'The Groove Boys' with Jimmy Reed. Albert was highly influenced by Blind Lemon Jefferson and used the electric guitar as his signature instrument. He had a very unusual style of playing because he played a right handed guitar with his left hand in addition to not restringing it, essentially leaving the strings upside down. He also tuned his guitar down, oftentimes two whole steps, which allowed the strings to be looser making them easier for King to bend them further. The song “Don’t Throw Your love on Me So Strong” became his first major hit in 1961 and hit #14 on the R & B charts. Additionally the song's popularity sparked the attention of the famous Stax record label, who offered him a record deal.

King was heavily influential on Stevie Ray Vaughan, who took a similar approach to tuning his guitar down. He also made a big impression on Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Taylor, and Mike Bloomfield, among many others.

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Albert King. Dont throw your love one me so strong. Album: Wednesday Night In San Francisco. Bobbin Record Label. 1961.

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