Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BUDDY BOLDEN, "Funky Butt"

“Father of Jazz”

Buddy Bolden he was born in New Orleans in 1877. He is a very influential figure in the New Orleans style of ragtime, also known as jazz. Bolden was a member of, what many consider, one of the very first jazz bands. He is credited with creating a looser, more improvised version of ragtime and adding blues to it. Buddy was the first player to pursue an improvisational style. He was considered by Louis Armstrong as, “ a genius ahead of ‘em all.” Furthermore, Bolden is also recognized as one of the greatest trumpet players of all time.

“Funky Butt” later became known as “buddy Bolden’s Blues” represents one of the earliest references to the concept of ‘funk’ in popular music. ‘Funky Butt’ was a song in reference to exactly what the title alludes to, a scent that was produced from a lot of sweaty people, packed together in one room. The song represented his loud, powerful, and ‘open’ playing style.

As a tribute to Bolden and his work, Sidney Bechet wrote “Buddy Bolden Stomp” in his honor. Almost all early New Orleans jazz musicians were influenced by his playing. Jelly Roll Morton called Bolden, “the most powerful man in the history [of jazz].”

Although few resources offer audiences to listen to 'Funky Butt', here is a 'Funky Butt' rendition reconstructed by Humphrey Lyttleton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9diLGxlGWqw

Here also is Jelly Roll Morton singing "Buddy Bolden Blues' (I thought I heard Buddy Say)": http://www.last.fm/music/Jelly+Roll+Morton/_/Buddy+Bolden%27s+Blues+%28I+Thought+I+Heard+Buddy+Bolden+Say%29

Informational sources: http://www.redhotjazz.com/Buddy.html

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