Sunday, April 5, 2009

SON HOUSE, "My Black Mama"

Unlike all other musicians, Son House played on the National Steel guitar. This guitar was popularized after the Panama-Pacific American Exposition of 1915. The steel guitar allowed Son House to mimic the crying moan of the human voice. His style used strong, repetitive rhythms, which he often played with the aid of a bottleneck. His singing incorporates elements of southern gospel and spiritual music. He recorded ‘My Black Mama’ in 1930 for Paramount Records. Son House was an innovator of the Delta blues style and was very influential on Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson and remains influential today with groups such as The Whites Stripes. In 1941 Alan Lomax had him record for the Library of Congress.

Check out Son House's "My Black Mama" here:
Son House. My Black Mama. Paramount Records. Released: 1930 in Grafton Wisconsin.

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