Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MA RAINEY, "Prove it on Me Blues"

“Mother of the Blues”

Ma Rainey was one of the earliest American professional blues singers. After hearing a sad song sun in Missouri in 1902, she started performing in blues style and claims that she was the one who named the blues. Started performing “blues” songs in 1902. She and William, aka “Pa” Rainey, performed as a song and dance team.

She was able to speak openly about vices such as alcohol and sex. She spoke openly about her sexual desires. The lyrics of “Prove it on me blues” even hit the idea that she was bisexual. The song spoke of a cross-dressing, man hating persona that was distinct from her public image at the time.

She set the standard for the women following her, specifically Bessie Smith who she took under her wing and helped to train. She was an enormous figure in the development of the blues, R & B, and rock ‘n’ roll.

To listen to "Prove it on Me Blues" for free, click here and enjoy :

Ma Rainey, Put it on Me Blues. Paramount Record Label. Release date: 1928
re-release: July 17, 2007. catalog no. 7793

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