Monday, April 6, 2009


"Father of the Detla Blues"

He was known for his sexual prowess and was criticized by many for always breaking time in his music. He played guitar in many exciting new ways, such as behind his head, behind his back, allegedly tossing the guitar in the air, and even played with his feet. He was also unique in playing, in that he would beat time on the guitar while he was playing. He also used the slide as a vocal element, using it to complete words of a song. Patton gained notoriety for his showmanship by playing his guitar behind his head, down on his knees, or behind his back.

“Pony Blues” was composed by Charley Patton and with the help of record store owner H.C. Speir; Patton first recorded his song in 1929 for Paramount Records. The song later served as a Delta staple and was part of every young guitarist’s repertoire.

Robert Palmer considers Charley Patton as one of the most important musicians that America produced in the 20th century, influencing almost every Delta Bluesman that followed him.

Check out 'Pony Blues' for yourself at:
Charley Patton, Pony Blues, Paramount Records. Released 1929

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