Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JELLY ROLL MORTON, "Jelly Roll Blues"

Jelly Roll Mortion was an important transitional figure between ragtime and jazz piano styles. He was widely recognized as a pivotal figure in early jazz, and Jelly Roll claimed to have invented jazz in 1902.
Morton began to tour around 1904 working minstrel shows and composing.
In 1915 his song “Jelly Roll Blues” was the first jazz composition ever published.

Morton has record music and interviews preserved now in the Library of Congress. Morton's ‘Jelly Roll’ nickname is a sexual reference and many of his lyrics were very vulgar. Some of the Library of Congress’ recordings were unreleased until near the end of the 20th century due to their distasteful nature. The Library of Congress released his interviews and records in 2005 and the collection won two Grammy Awards, in addition Morton was honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
Check out Jelly Roll Blues here for yourself and enjoy: http://www.last.fm/music/Jelly+Roll+Morton/Jelly+Roll+Blues
Jelly Roll Blues was a 88- note instrumental roll series, Titled: The Jelly Roll Blues, Record Comapny: The Vocalstyle Music Co., Catalog No.: 50505, Released: Nov 1924

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